PRESS STATEMENT: ACSP Computers is NOT and NEVER WILL AGAIN be on Social Media

No Facebook

Due to the proof that social media is not effective for businesses, ACSP Computers as of Black Friday 2015 (the day following Thanksgiving 2015) has removed ALL pages from social media sites such as Facebook, PERMANENTLY.

“We have found social media to be a complete ineffective waste of time an resources for us,” stated ACSP Computers Owner/Co-President Mark Angelisanti, “Social media is on the decline anyway, as people have become ruined by such sites; arguing with one another, becoming lost in a virtual world of ‘friends’.  Friendships are built and grown by being around one another; not by typing on a keyboard.  There were people whom I have never met, nor care to have ever known who would send me friend requests, a lot of drama and other stuff that I didn’t need from ‘friends’ along with a lot of wasted time that came from using such sites.  I never should have given social media a try.  I should have stuck to the words I wrote in my college research paper for my sociology class, ‘Technology and its Hidden Dangers’ which literally spoke out against social media.  People have developed many negative effects from such media, some have even taken their own lives due to depression caused by social media.  The first major occurrence happened during the MySpace era.”

“These people were all good people, and they are no longer around because of this monstrous demon we call ‘Social Networking’.”

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