Our staff dedicates ourselves to managing your IT Infrastructure so you can focus on being productive for your clients.


Consultations for Your Technology Needs

Not sure what type of technology you need for your company?  Not a problem.  We will help you find the right solution to match your company’s needs.  If your company is in the medical profession, we keep your technology HIPPA compliant.

Workstation Management & User Support

We keep your workstation computers running and provide support to your company’s users whenever they run into a problem.  Whether it’s problems sending emails, finding files, accessing network drives, or a computer that just won’t work; we ensure the problem gets fixed quickly.  Our services can be performed both on-site and remotely.  We also offer the option to place a technician on-site for regular day-to-day maintenance if your company requires constant break/fix support.

Server Management/Monitoring/Maintenance/Backups

Servers are a crucial part of network operations today.  They control and store pretty much everything important on a network.  Our network engineers monitor the health of your servers, ensure they are operating properly, fix problems when they occur, and ensure your data is protected and backed-up.  Don’t have a server, but need one?  Our sales team can ensure you get the right server solution for your company.  We offer both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

Network Troubleshooting/Installations/Revamps/Cutovers

Connectivity and a working, functional, organized network is important to have.  When a network is in disarray, lots of failures can occur.  Our team of engineers ensures that your network is organized, and functioning properly.  We also fix problems when they occur to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.  We manage and install both wired and wireless networks.  (Please note, if you need network cabling run in your office, a site-survey will be required in order to devise a quote).

Network Device Support and Management

Every company needs to print and scan, and sometimes send faxes.  We ensure your printers, scanners, and faxes are working properly, stay online, and stay functioning.  When one of these devices malfunction, our team ensures the problem is fixed in a timely, and reliable manner.

End-Point Security & Network Security (Anti-Virus & Firewalls)

Cyber attacks can cripple a business in seconds.  All it takes is an action as simple as opening a ZIP file attached to an email, or a bad firewall configuration, and a normal day at the office can come to an abrupt halt.  We ensure that does not happen.  With the latest in managed firewalls, and end-point security (anti-virus), you can rest assured your company is protected from such a disaster.  We also keep your network security within HIPPA compliance if your company is in the medical profession.

VoIP Service, Internet Service, and Installation

Every business needs a reliable way to communicate.  Whether it’s a phone call or an email, communication is everything to a business.  We are partnered with over 500 VoIP (Internet Telephone) and Internet providers to ensure you can get the right service your company needs.  Why buy through us?  We can ensure your network is setup for the service, and perform any necessary steps to make sure you can start using such service as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We also offer SIP Trunking, on-premise and cloud PBX solutions.

Web Design & SEO

Clients can find you easier if you have a website that is optimized for good rankings on Google.  Our web designers and SEO specialists can help ensure your company has a website and not a billboard in the middle of the Sahara Desert.


Maintenance Plans:

Why Have a Maintenance Plan?

  1. You have a company at the ready for fast response when a problem occurs
  2. You have people familiar with your equipment when they come in
  3. They make sure they are available during the hours that your business may need them
  4. You get priority service when something goes wrong.

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