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Sangoma is great for the growing privately owned business.  With no minimum number of phones, this is the perfect choice if you are starting out, growing, or just want more control of your business phone options.  

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Comcast Business - authorized connector

Comcast Business

Comcast is the ideal choice for heavy call volume when your business relies on demanding phone traffic.  Great for any business that requires 5 or more phones.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are an easy way to gain more control over your VoIP Phone Service. Through our Managed IT Services, and our partnership with Sangoma, we are able to provide your company with superior VoIP Phone Service.


ACSP Computers is an authorized partner with Comcast Business Class Services, Time Warner Spectrum, Sangoma, SIP Station, TPx and over 500 other telecommunications service providers.

Why go through us?  Because we can advise you on the best solution for your company in your area, and we can prepare your network for the service.

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It processes your voice into a signal that can be sent through the computer so you are able to use your computer, or a capable device attached to it, as a telephone. VOIP is highly scalable, portable, accessible and gives a better quality sound than soft phones at a lower price.

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