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New Office Setup, Philadelphia

After 4 days of work, our team completed the cabling and new network setup of the new administrative office of a Head Start program in Philadelphia. tasks involved running cable, installing jacks, installing the network rack, configuring the switch, installing and configuring access points and Wi-Fi, and setting up the VoIP phones.


Total Network Revamp, Philadelphia, PA

When we came into this client’s office, it was a total mess.  Wires were everywhere, computers were rigged with static IP addresses and peer-to-peer file sharing.  There was no organization whatsoever.  We came in, and implemented a server to centralize EVERYTHING; AD, File sharing, Backups, File Storage, DHCP, Windows Update Services (WSUS) and much more.  Now the client has been commenting how confident they feel about their day-to-day operations because we have taken the worry out of their hands, and allowed them to focus on sales.

As time has progressed, we upgraded their WiFi, VoIP phone system/service, implemented 3 backup solutions to ensure their data is safe, a method of archiving 24 months of security camera footage, and we monitor their network on a day-to-day basis.


DENTAL OFFICE – Server Replacement/Upgrade/New Office Setup, Philadelphia, PA

When we came into this dentist office in Philadelphia, we installed the network cable, migrated the old server to a new one that has Hyper-V servers for ease of scalability.  The migration of the Dentrix software from the old server to the new server was a textbook good case scenario, and the move of the wiring location from a different section of the building to the actual office was done with ease, and organization of all cables.


DOCTOR’S OFFICE & NUTRITION STORE – Server Replacement/Network Revamp,
New York, NY/Network Revamp,

We came into a situation where the client needed to switch IT vendors IMMEDIATELY.  When ACSP Computers came in, we had to seize access of the existing network infrastructure quickly, then do our job by migrating everything over to a new server.  This involved setting up a series of virtual servers, running combinations of Remote Desktop services for WYSE thin clients, Exchange Server, a virtual router/firewall, and Active Directory Domain Services while dealing with the fact that the company we were replacing was being uncooperative in the whole transition.  Additionally, we rewired the network later on, brought in a PBX system for their phones, which ran on a virtual machine, and set them up with a new easy-to-use VoIP phone service.  We come in once a month to do maintenance and updates, change passwords to maintain HIPPA compliance, etc.

Other Photos from our Work Standards

Data Room (First Image) for a Production Company in Bala Cynwyd w/Server, Storage Array, Battery Backups, security camera DVR, Switching and Routing Equipment.  We did the install and initial configuration.  The company has their own in-house IT staff that manage things on a daily basis.  Connection closet (2nd Image), nothing fancy, just a sort of junction room in the basement of the building where the Internet is fed into the building by the client’s ISPs.


INSURANCE AGENCY – Server Install/File Sharing/VPN, Feasterville-Trevose, PA

Our client wanted to make it possible to scan files to a location where all of the users would be able to access the files, and he wanted to control which files certain people could access.  ACSP Computers implemented a server with Active Directory to control user accounts, file permissions, group policies, and made it so that all scans would be sent to a shared folder on the server.  Additionally, we setup a VPN for the client to access resources on the network with ease from his home, and allow sales people in the field to do so as well.

Dental Office – Server Install/Data Migration – Narberth, PA

This client was referred to us by another dental office in Philadelphia, PA.  This office was using a Windows 7 workstation as a makeshift server for the longest time to run their EagleSoft Dental Software, as well as Romexis (X-Ray Software).  When their makeshift server began having hardware problems, they called ACSP Computers for help.  We provided them with a tower server with redundant power supplies, and a RAID-5 SAS Hard Drive configuration.  Running Hyper-V to allow for expandability and adding additional servers as necessary, we set them up with a Windows Server 2016 configuration, WSUS and an Active Directory configuration to ensure stability in the whole system.  Now, we come in to this office once per month for regular scheduled maintenance to ensure all workstations and servers are up-to-date.

DENTAL OFFICE – Server Maintenance/New Office Setup, Bernville, PA

When this dentist moved their office down the road, ACSP Computers came in ran the cabling for the new office, moved the existing server, ensured the workstations could continue to operate the SoftDent software they use for their appointments, as well as the Dexis software for X-rays.  Routine maintenance is performed at this location to ensure HIPPA requirements for technology are met, systems are running smoothly, and the server remains operational.  Plans are in the works to upgrade the server in the near future.

AUTOMOTIVE SHOP – Server Install/Network Revamp, Bethel, PA

When the client had the need to optimize file sharing especially for centralized access to Quickbook, ACSP Computers came in and made the process easy.  Implementing a server to run the Quickbooks software, centralize user logins, and file sharing on network drives stored on the server, this client has been running smooth ever since.  We also set them up with Comcast Business Class to replace their Xfinity Triple Play setup from Comcast Residential.

ACCOUNTING OFFICE – Server Install/Network Revamp, Philadelphia, PA

This accountant in Chinatown in the heart of center city Philadelphia wanted to make her Intuit ProSeries accounting software and AME payroll software accessible between several computers in her office.  ACSP Computers implemented a server to centralize the ProSeries and AME data files, and setup Active Directory to control the user accounts.  Now file sharing is a breeze, and all computers are able to access the accounting databases at once.  Later on, ACSP Computers developed a simple website for this firm http://www.junehacpa.com